Raving is a full-service, Native-owned, casino and hospitality firm that has worked with clients globally since 1998. The company partners with Tribal and commercial casinos and gaming companies to strategically improve overall operations and profitability. The Raving team has worked at diverse properties at all levels of the operation. We understand the high-level issues and challenges gaming executives face. Our services range include data analytics, reinvestment analysis, player development program development and training, leadership training, guest service training and program design, food and beverage consulting, security and surveillance, advertising/marketing/social media programs and services, and more. Our team consists of gaming industry professionals that have hands-on experience working as casino operators and understand the unique guest, team member and regulatory environment of the gaming and hospitality industry.

Additionally, Raving produces numerous educational publications and conferences. This includes Raving NEXT: Indian Gaming Analytics & Marketing Conference, the Host and Player Development Conference and the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference. We produce Tribal Gaming and Hospitality Magazine, the Ravin Industry Report, Raving on Air, TG&H On Air and the online Raving Academy. Raving also provides customized software for operators with Raving Engineering and Raving Dashboards.

You can visit us online at www.betravingknows.com or our magazine www.tgandh.com.