Cord Media Company

Company Address
43645 Monterey Ave.
Palm Desert, CA 92260

Jonas Udcoff


Founded as a humble local agency in 2007, Cord Media has grown exponentially to become a nationally recognized advertising, marketing and public relations firm, specializing in high-end lifestyle clients. The not-so-secret key to our success is also our greatest collective strength, which is best described with two phrases: “Full-Service” and “In-House.”

Throughout our evolution, Cord Media has consistently attracted elite talent from across the country. Each team member brings a unique skill set and big ideas to the table, from our account executives, public relations experts and social media strategists, to graphic designers, media buyers and web developers. Regular status updates, weekly meetings and an effective project management system allow for smoother collaboration and better communication between departments while ensuring that a cohesive vision is being executed. With all departments under one roof, clients see significant cost savings as there is no wasted time in communication and execution, maximizing clients’ use of funds and minimizing overhead and account maintenance costs. In the end, it’s not just about being in the same building – it’s about being on the same page. Cord Media’s full-service, in-house team delivers superior results from conception to fruition and beyond.